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wow i loved the comment and specially the reference section!!!


Naxalism & Education

Is it about Syntax & Semantics?

Aparna AddankiAshwin Belagodu, Deepika Aradhya, 

Suresh Nellikayii, Vijay Dwivedi

Main Stream Media Scream in bold headlines online on 20/03/2012

[As Odisha struggles with the Italian hostage crisis, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has come out with a bizarre statement. The Spiritual leader said that government schools were a breeding ground for Naxals. “It’s often seen that boys from Government schools are into Naxalism and violence. Those from the private education system are not into these things. They move ahead with an ideal (adarsh) and teachers are responsible for it,” he said. “Government should not run any school, it should be given to some other system (samstha),” he added. His statements come amidst the ongoing Odisha hostage crisi][i]

What actually was left unreported was the preliminary part which is explained later in this blog. For the records…

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World Disability Day!!!! Who is the Disabled???

I know a lot has been talked about it specially today!!!

but we have a huge section of people who are differently abled as we have commanly heard!!!

But who are dissabled???

According to American with Disability Act 1990, the defination of disability is :

  Disability is defined by the ADA as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.” The determination of whether any particular condition is considered a disability is made on a case by case basis. Certain specific conditions are excluded as disabilities, such as current substance abuse and visual impairment which is correctable by prescription lenses.


What amazes me is the word MENTAL IMPAIRMENT for a normal viewpoint it would mean a condition wherein due to some health issues the mind cannot function normally and hence could not give the outcome as a normal mind can!!!

Normal function of whom?? Of a human being’s mind…

So what are the functioning of normal mind?? is it what the world is facing today??

scams, hit and run cases.. murders.. rapes.. is this the functioning of a normal human’s mind??

When was the last time you would cross a person helping someone just like that??

When was the last time we did that personally??

If we search the net i am sure you would find a huge percentage of these differently abled human beings doing much more than we NORMAL beings…

So who is disabled????

hope we’s find a answer soon good time till then!!!!

Some Wishes Left To Work On!!!

hii this is my first blog!!!

today i needed to write because i needed to take myself out!!!!

everyone has a wish….

I too have one…

I do also know that once  i start working on it i can achieve it and stay happy with it!!!

But i have to wait unfortunately!!!

as i was going through many blogs i felt there are so many like me!!!

Each one thinking they alone are like that!!!!

But even if half  come together to make their dream true, the world would be a much happier place!!!


So today with the promise to keep me dream alive and convert it to reality, i also would try to continue blogging!!!


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